AI Writing tools are changing the internet as we know it

  So Jarvis is my absolute favorite tool for writing copy. I pay for several different tools, but if I had to drop all but one, I think as of now, this would be the one.
    Pro Boss Mode is insane. It has gone up in price twice since I signed up and is about to again, but they have kept my price the same except a small extra for boss mode, but I can’t imagine writing without it now.

    They also have a deal that if you pay for the year, then you will get a swag bag. If any of y’all do the year and don’t want the goodies, you can send them my way for telling you about it!

    I will be making some videos soon showing how to use Jarvis Boss Mode. It’s very intuitive when you realize what you’re doing. It’s literally like asking an assistant to write for you. You tell it a bit of what you want to write about.

    You can even tell Jarvis what type of tone you want and even what you are writing. You can tell it you want a blog post or a legal document. Jarvis can even read and learn 2-3,000 words above. This means you can place specific facts that you want Jarvis to know or certain writing styles.
    I can ask Jarvis to write a Facebook post about XYZ and then have it write a tweet that summarizes it. Then I can follow up with it by writing a longer detailed write-up about the same thing, and then I can link them all together.

    I could even go as far as having Jarvis write a video script to tell me what to say, such as in a YouTube video explaining everything above.

    In one of my next posts, I will tell you an essential research tool that I use before and with Jarvis to get incredible SERP (search engine results page) results.

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