John McAfee, the father of Antivirus has died

John David McAfee, born in 1945 in England and started McAfee Associates when he was around 43 years old in 1987. was born in England’s Gloucestershire in 1945. In the early 1990s, he got out of the business and sold his ownership in the antivirus software empire.

My wife Erin and I got a phone call from John McAfee once years ago. I know he was out there if you knew much about him you’d have seen it, but he was also the first commercial antivirus creator, and around in early days cryptocurrency.

One could wonder if John McAfee is the creator of bitcoin, Satoshi himself, or had something to do with it)(if you did know, it is still a mystery of who created bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency).

I first chatted with him on Twitter many years ago as he was fleeing Belize. When he first talked about running for President (I know, all politics aside), he called me personally like six or so years ago to ask if my wife Erin and I would be interested in developing an app for his run for president.

Nothing ever came of it, and we were focused on finishing our computer science degrees at the time, but it was still cool to be asked and get a phone call from a famous person.

Anyway, he died in prison at 75 years old. His account (yes, he had social media in prison) tried to convince the government that he didn’t have any cryptocurrency hiding anywhere else. That was the last post I saw of his. Erin and I are friends with his wife on Facebook, and she hasn’t said a word in a while during his Spanish prison stay.

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