Steering Your Ranking on Google

Check your rank on google

Business owners and managers, this is for you. A quick thing you should check. I hope you already do this as part of your weekly, or at least monthly tasks even if you pay someone to stay on top of it, just because you hired a company to build your website and optimize it, it doesn’t mean that they know current changes in search. This is how you test the website rank results for free, fast, and easy, without any tools!

How to check your rank on google for free

Go to Google in a private mode, like incognito on chrome, search your town name and business type.

Such as every day I search Azle Pest Control and see where I rank. Then I search Weatherford Pest Control, and I modify my internet footprint accordingly by tweaking my content, and adding new content on the different platforms, with everything heading to my landing page. You should know what your main landing page is and be in tune with it and your results enough to understand how to steer google using that content. I’ll teach more about this later.

Steering Google, or Making the Google Elevator go up and down

You are not stuck at that rank; it can go up or down based on your actions or lack of actions. This directly affects your success more than any other marketing move you can make.

Try other keywords; look in Google maps results, mobile results, and desktop results. It can be different!

I’m number 2 result if you search azle pest control, and I haven’t even added the beauty to the site yet, and it’s only half functional. It wasn’t hard, and I might bounce around, but eventually, it will settle at a solid one.

On Weatherford, where I just started trying to focus on a few weeks back when I was ranking at like a 50+, I am now running in the top 15, 12, or 13 the last I checked, a few days ago was about 19.

See, as an entrepreneur, you decide you steer Google, don’t let your competition figure this out before you. They might be more motivated to take the wheel, or maybe they already did.

Make your websites search result a priority

If you are genuinely determined to make your business survive, you will need to fight harder for the google steering wheel by making your effort known to google.

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