Why should I learn AI for content writing?

Lots of people probably got hurt by the update because the SEO company they hired did some shady stuff, or they are just ready to spend some money, most likely the case. Although, some will want to learn, most just want to write a check to the right person.

I am both ends of that spectrum, and I’ve been a business owner for around 30 years since I was a teenager and an employee for maybe 5 of those years.

That’s why I help because the big guys out there are just now learning about it

They will squash all small business owners when they do it we don’t fight back by being first. It’s the small business owner’s last chance to own organic free traffic!!! That’s free money from the internet in laymen’s terms.

the greatest part? You don’t have to be brilliant, my 14-year-old daughter actually uses this and soon will teach you how!

And if you do want to pay for it, I’m willing for the right offer, but just know I’m teaching for free.

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