Fishing for Google

Fishing for Google is just submitting your site to Google and linking that sites social accounts to it. Each good link is a lure; each bad link is a shark that done run off with your pole, so be careful where you place your bait! This can be overcome, but you need to be bulletproof

I am teaching all of this and more, all free! Enjoy!

I own and market my own pest control company, but my background is computer science. With that being said, I am not to sure if y’all have heard, but Google did a significant algorithm update.

It is now even more imperative to have your site load fast. You can check your pest control website at google page speed insights; search it. 

I still need to do lots of work on my site, but so far, I've climbed to the top page on google on several of my surrounding towns, and I'm still climbing. 

I'm not selling anything, lol I know what it's like starting a small business, even a pest control business from the ground up, and I've learned some technology that helps. So I don't mind sharing.

If you look at my site, it is basic, ugly, some things not quite functional; with all that, I still climbed way up after a few weeks of trying hard. 

See I prioritized SEO over aesthetic for just the beginning while I finish SEO enough for Google to start slirping up my site, when I get a a little nibble.

Fishing for Google?

After submitting your sitemap to Google with an SEO optimized site, you release a press release about the new website.

You go update all of your active business social media accounts, if not active, then that is also a problem that can solved by posting more content that people might actually want to read.

You are setting the lines so google bites it, sniffs around your site again for a look and sees the difference then spits you out to the top, or craps you out towards the bottom. 

If this happens, then you need to do fast research to reverse whatever happened, but cautiously.

  If you keep notes and logs then you will most likely know.

Bad SEO and search punishment for it

if your site is getting worst ranking then there is a minute of fear, you should be scrambling to find out why, could be a competitor is paying out the rear to catch up to you, or it could be because your SSL needed renewing!

So what do we learn from Google fishing?

We use google Analitics to give us feedback, what did we learn? We learned what google like and could have cared less on our new site.

If we know what google is trusting us on we could expand and grow that belief. We do this by writing more content on our website about it and expand on it on my social media accounts.

i feel like I understand this too well

Surely it can’t be this easy? Yes it really is once you spend enough sleepless nights obsessing over it, now I could good full site in one week with hundreds of social media post already written.

What if you hate writing?

If you hate writing as much as I do then you want to know this. I use several of the most advanced usecases of artificial intelligence NLP to help me write, simpler put my assistant content writers are Surfer and Jarvis. You must meet them.

I have ADD and for me, these tools allow me to jump around easily and it is financially beneficial to keep an even flow!

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