Build a website in 2021 that gets results

Why do I need a website?

If you have a business or a deep knowledge of a topic, there has possibly never been a better time to make money from it. The tools that have come out these last few months have been a game-changer in online publishing. If you follow these tips in no time, you will be thrilled that you did. I own a small pest control company, and after I put this into play, I had to reverse a few things. Not because it didn’t work, but it worked too well! My business phone kept getting more calls than I could handle!

Too many customers isn’t a problem that I have ever had; then, I realized it wouldn’t be fair not to share this information. 

I have a considerable background in computer science, and what led me down this rabbit hole to discovering these tools is quite ironic, but that’s another story. Creating a website doesn’t require a ton of computer knowledge to do it yourself.

What is the first step on creating a website?

First, I assume you don’t already have a website (if you do, you can skip this part); So the first step is to grab one. I would keep it simple and go to and get set up. Bluehost is a hosting company, basically, a server that holds your website. When you go through them, they will automate many things and give you a free domain name and SSL to secure your website. It will even install WordPress for you; WordPress is a website content management system that makes it easy to change and publish content onto your site.

How do I know how my website is doing?

Then you need to know where you stand. The best that I have found for this is google analytics. If you don’t already have this setup, do it now, it could take some time to get the results. If using WordPress, then you can install the plugin Google Site kit, making it super easy.

Is my website to slow?

The speed that your page loads is critical, and even more so after the google algorithm change that is in the middle of happening, July 2021. So the next thing is to go to page speed insights and test your page on mobile and desktop. Mobile is typically by far more critical, but google analytics will tell you for sure, but you want to strive for a 90+. It’s not always possible depending on your type of site, but see what it says is slowing you down.

What is the google algorithm update about?

This is a major core update, and it is going to change a lot of the results that you see when you search for something. A really big change aside from google getting better at reducing spam sites is the Page Experience Update. Basically your site will be listed on a search result, and if the average person clicks on your site and leaves back to google quickly then google knows they are not having a good experience there. If that happens google will rank you lower. But if you grab the persons attention enough to retain them then you will rank higher. Another reason long relevant content is huge for rank. Not only are you showing google you are serious about your site, but people like your content because it is what they expected to find when they came to your website.

How do I create content that will get listed on google?

Next thing, Google Analytics will tell you what keywords you are already ranking on. If those seem like valuable keywords to your site, extend the content, and write more about it. And add more unique photos about it.

Now for the content writing; Start by entering that keyword into a tool such as Surfer Then get all of the suggestions. Then check the brief and see if it has some good content for you in it. Finally, put together a decent article with the number of headings and words it suggests. 

Then take that content and place it into Grammarly or MS word, or whatever you like to use that does a good spell and grammar check and fix it up. Grammarly, to me, is the easiest, and it does a plagiarism check. You want a 0 plagiarism score, or google can make your site disappear from SERP (the Search Engine Results Page)

Then read over it to make sure it is all true and how you want to represent your page.

After that, please insert it into Jarvis Long Form Boss Mode and expand on it. If you don’t already have this tool, you can get it at You can even get Jarvis to create the metadata and even write some Facebook and Twitter posts based on the article. Then after you finish, plug the content into your website and make those tweets and Facebook posts linking to your page with the long article.

Do I need a website for a local business?

Absolutely yes! If your business is local, you must ASAP create a Google My Business (GMB) account as well; it’s free and one of the most powerful things you can do. GMB gets your business on the local map. Go to You can even have Jarvis write some posts for it, but you want to post on this and add pictures often about your business and the area that your customer base is in! Now keep in mind, when someone calls you, if you never answer it then google will bump you down in the google maps results, so answer that business phone during business hours and always message back as soon as you can if they message you through the GMB.