The State of Robotics in 2021

Robotics, all boiled down, is just the mixing of the digital world with the physical world. At no other time has that advanced as much as it has this last year. I fully expect incredible things to happen this year because of AI advancement and the integration of edge computing. To see just how far we have come I would like you to imagine a robot jumping around, doing flips, because that is what most of us imagine as the most advanced potential of robotics. I implore you to search for youtube videos of atlas from boston dynamics. Once you realize what has been done, you will begin to see the picture. If you can imagine a robot doing it, then yes it can probably be done.

A robot doesn’t have to have arms and legs either, it can be as simple as something as simple as an ice machine on your counter that dumps ice into the bucket when it senses the ice is ready, based on sensors and code, it could be your brakes being pressed for you when you are about to hit a car. Think about it, what things around you are a mix of digital and physical. Now think about this, what could be that is not yet, if you think hard enough about that you will stumble upon something great, I believe the best is yet to come, and 2021 is bound to show us that. I hope you join our site for free and learn all that I can learn and teach you, because almost all of us should be getting ready for this new age of AI and robotics.

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