The State of AI in 2021

Artificial intelligence

AI is synthetic intelligence, unlike the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals. Strong AI is called artificial general intelligence (AGI), while attempts to emulate ‘natural’ intelligence have been called artificial biological intelligence (ABI). Strong AI techniques have experienced a resurgence following concurrent advances in computer power, large amounts of data, and theoretical understanding. Modern machine learning capabilities generally classified as AI include successfully understanding human speech and competing at the highest level in strategic game systems. Artificial intelligence has attracted widespread global attention this past year with the rollout of tools such as GPT3 deep learning. Some people consider AI to be a danger to humanity if it progresses unabated.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is a way to train a machine how to do things that human intelligence can do. Researchers and developers are finding ways for artificial intelligence to do more and more things, like learn, reason, and see.

Some people believe that artificial intelligence can do things better than people can. They think that computers will be able to learn and reason out any subject. Others don’t believe this because they believe that we are still in the early stages of artificial intelligence.

In 2021, AI can complete complicated tasks that human beings cannot do as quickly, such as writing novels and composing music. There were breakthroughs in this past year alone: generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) 3, which allows a machine to create text without any input from humans. 

What is AI?

AI can encompass anything from search algorithms to IBM’s Watson to autonomous weapons. Many researcher’s number one goal is to create general AI (AGI or strong AI) AGI would outperform humans at nearly every cognitive task, such as chess or solving equations. In the future, one could use more AI technology to develop pretty much anything you could imagine!

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence is a computer that can think like a human. AI does things like thinking about what humans do and making decisions as they would.

 Artificial Intelligence is demonstrated when a machine can now do a task formerly performed by a human. The ultimate characteristic of AI is its ability to rationalize and take actions that have the best chance of achieving a specific goal. As AI evolves, machines will have more capability to act physically based on their intelligence, eventually leading to devices that can build better versions of themselves.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Other current examples of machines with AI include computers that can write articles, play chess, and self-driving cars. AI is also used in healthcare to discover problems seen in scans such as tumors that the Dr’s might not have noticed, dosing drugs, and different treatment in patients. AI also is used in the financial sector, where it is currently used to detect and flag activity such as unusual debit card usage and large account deposits. AI can also be used for stock trading or cryptocurrency trading by seeing things that would signal a time to trade and even make the investor trades.

Using Artificial Intelligence to write

Over the past year, AI has moved leaps and bounds! I will try to keep this simple, as this is a light intro to where we are in artificial intelligence in 2021. The one thing you must know is you are already using some AI in your life right now, consuming it! But if you want to create content using AI, this is your moment. No matter how you fell onto this page, I will show you why you need to care no matter what you do!

GPT, Generative Pre-trained Transformer 

If you recall me telling you about GPT, Generative Pre-trained Transformer, that’s a mouthful, but that’s what it stands for; OpenAI made it, and the biggest question is, what can’t it do? It can’t run without a power source! That’s a joke, I suppose. Seriously though, AI does need a lot of processing power! 

So what does GPT-3 have to do with writing? 

GPT-3 is like that friend that has read everything, but I mean everything, and recalls most of it pretty well! I will be honest, it is not perfect, but that could be on purpose. i.e., suppose a lawyer decided to write about brain surgery using AI. In that case, he might not know the difference between some critical things and sound unintelligent, or worse, publish it and teach others the wrong thing! 

How do I get started writing with AI?

Many tools already exist for what you are trying to write. Almost all of them use GPT-3 natural language processing. Some you select what you want to write, such as a tweet, a blog outline or a love letter, or many other options, then give it some details and let it write. That is how  works and is the first one that I recommend. It is straightforward to start learning on, and they have a trial. And some you talk to the AI with commands make it a little more to learn but so worth it. I will write more about that soon.

Jarvis the AI Writing tool Boss Mode / GameChanger

Ok everyone, gamechanger! I don’t know if you know about conversion ai but if you have to write anything in life, you need this tool. I’ll tell you more about it later, but you need this writing tool. To me as a business owner, it is essential! I’ve actually been using it to write for my local business page, and it has been getting quick traffic that I can no longer answer my phone for that business because I am so booked up.

Use AI writing tools like Jarvis Boss Mode to grow my local business

I’ve actually been using Jarvis and not Jarvis Boss Mode to write for my local business page, and it has been getting quick traffic. So fast that I can no longer answer my phone for that business because I am so booked up. I dreamed that I could grow my business like that, but I couldn’t move up on google. Then I stumbled onto AI and stumbled onto AI writing tools. Once Jarvis Boss Mode came out in late June 2021, it totally changed the artificial intelligence writing tools game.

What is the difference of Jarvis Pro and Jarvis Boss Mode?

They put the lightning in it. Well kind of. So in the old Jarvis pro, you could have AI write a little bit, and then you have to write a little bit. Jarvis would read a few hundred words that have already been typed, if there are any prior words, and then write what it thinks should be typed next.

In Jarvis Pro Boss Mode, you don’t have to type or insert a single word, although if you want specific content you should type whatever you like. Whatever you write is directing Jarvis to continue. It goes far beyond reading the few hundred words prior, it will read up to3 thousand words! After Jarvis writes some words, you can then modify those words to make Jarvis bias towards whatever you type. But unlike the old Jarvis, Boss Mode actually allows you to click compose over and over again!!!!

What came before GPT-3?

GPT-2 (although nowhere near as powerful as GPT-3) can be downloaded and installed for free, and obtain a trained model from them. The latest version is GPT-3, which is claimed to be too dangerous to release to the public, as its predecessor GPT-2 was initially. They thought it would be a source for fake news, as this kind of AI can write articles on its own based on what information the neural network trained on and or fine-tuned on and prompted for. I believe it was more profound than that, but time will tell.

Deep learning Artificial intelligence creates unique art and photos!

Dall-e based on GPT-3 generates images from text. You can type crazy stuff like a castle made of purple jellyfish and create that image.


Tensorflow is the deeper end of almost all projects like these today, and its version that just came out in mid-2021 is even more incredible. Tensor Flow is a framework to build machine learning projects on, and it is open source! TensorFlow was created by none other than the google brain team. TF 2.5 has even been integrated into google chrome and the latest verion of android! 

TensorFlow Lite is a significant thing!

This is important because it can allow AI to be run efficiently on a microcomputer called an SBC, a Single Board Computer. Examples like raspberry pi and Jetson Nano’s (thank you, Rebekah and Nvidia for mine!), and even an ESP-32 cam chip can run TensorFlow Lite, which means a little less than 20 dollars can get an SBC with a camera with WiFi and BlueTooth built-in, and including a USB programmer. These are low-cost options to get started on!

Ok, you are not here for the boring; you want to get into the meat, skip the calculus functions, you can pay someone to do the other stuff, or you are here for both, and you just had to read this rant to the people that do not want to read any details. I have no problem either way, but I find my inner Nerdom thinking about everything that this technology can do. Sometimes I expose my outer Nerdom as well! I have become somewhat a fanatic, and all I talk about is AI, machine learning, deep learning, and robotics. I feel for my wonderful wife and my kids for listening to my tech obsessions.

What can you do with Artificial intelligence?

Open your mind, think you can now make an artificial brain that can take in whatever information you give it, from words, to pixels, to numbers, to sensors, whatever data you can feed it, and be trained or tuned on that information. That training model, we’ll call it, all that data, once trained, when prompted, will give you what you prompt, by basically predicting what you want based on its training and prompt, and if it is wrong, then there are ways to fix it, so it learns. that is too long to be covered here, but just mentioning.

So your output could be a cliffs notes to a book or a short response or answer. You can ask it to make a song, and it will create you an original song based on its training data and prompt when you tell it to make you a song. It could be a picture or 3d model of anything you can think of that your machine can handle. It could be refrigeration and cooling towers that the AI controls, or it could be your lawnmower. 

Now AI robots are picking items on the shelves of Walmart and getting them ready for the customer to come to pick up their Walmart order. Artificial intelligence is securing networks even, autonomous machine learning cybersecurity!

So imagine the possibility, and there is someone around that can make it a reality for you. If not, watch me teach you through this site as I learn more and more.

I could talk for too long about each of these, and I will later, but this is more of the basics of the most significant AI projects in 2021 and how AI affects you and your future. 

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